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01/02/2019, 12:53

dolor sit amet


 Why buy jewelry with colored stones? Of course all those made of steel, white or yellow gold, with transparent or black crystals are undoubtedly easier to wear, you may think ...

Why buy jewelry with colored stones? Of course all those made of steel, white or yellow gold, with transparent or black crystals are undoubtedly easier to wear, you may think ... But you want to put the pleasure of wearing a color with multiple meanings, depending on the mood to contrast or to show the world our personality. And then give them away ... think that a personal gift designed specifically for those who will receive it, you can choose it based on the qualities of the person or to give them and wish them what that color symbolizes.

The stones, called "daughters of the earth", have always fascinated man, entire peoples and civilizations, which have attributed to them particular virtues, meanings and magical powers.

RED has always symbolized love, vitality, passion and sensuality. It is the passionate love that radiates from within, urging us to let ourselves go body and soul with the desired person. It seems that those who prefer this color are precisely very instinctive people, confident of themselves and of their abilities. The red color also represents the competitive and decisive personality, extrovert and very autonomous in every decision he takes.

RUBINO par excellence is attributed this color even if in nature there are different stones with this color but think that in ancient times it was also considered more precious than diamond. It was thought to bring serenity, avert nightmares, increase the will to live and help resolve disputes. It has always been seen as a talisman of passion, protection and prosperity. It is ideal when you suffer from chronic fatigue and cannot get out of your state of lethargy, worn, protects health and wards off sadness and negative thoughts. It symbolizes the sun and its bright color is similar to an unquenchable flame.

ORANGE is a symbol of inner harmony, of artistic and sexual creativity, of self-confidence and in others, it symbolizes understanding, wisdom, balance and ambition. This color, often associated with the health of our body, acts on our vitality and on everything that concerns the absorption of what we eat. Symbol of fertility par excellence, it stimulates blood circulation. Moreover, it gives vitality to the sexual organs, both male and female, favoring fertility. Those who love Orange are also generally optimistic and aware of their abilities.

The orange TOPAZ promotes instinct, but also harmony and sexuality. It makes people much more spontaneous and increases the power of self-healing and helps overcome problems and depressive periods. Today he is especially appreciated because he seems able to make the person much more aware of his true desires. The topaz brought into contact with the body will help you to keep the inner energies moving, but above all to direct them and be aware of their existence. It is a stone that accompanies an introspective journey and makes people aware of what the effects of a wrong word or action are.

YELLOW is a symbol of sunlight but also of knowledge and energy, both intellect and nervous. It has the ability to regulate the frequency of the heartbeat. Furthermore, this color acts on the digestive system and on the liver but also on the bladder and spleen. The yellow toned colors act on different aspects of our personality and attitudes: generally they favor extroversion and the ability to concentrate.

CITRINE QUARTZ would seem to be one of the most powerful and beneficial gems in the world. Since ancient times it was believed to protect against poisons, even of animals, such as snake venom. For this reason it could act as a detoxifier for the blood and guarantee excellent health, removing the risk of cardiovascular, circulatory or renal disorders. The property of purifying the mind, not just the body, is also associated with removing negative thoughts and anxieties.

GREEN is a symbol of perseverance and knowledge. This color exudes a sense of balance, compassion and harmony. It transmits love for all that concerns the natural kingdom, favoring the right contact with the laws of nature and with respect for traditions. In addition to having a calming effect, this color infuses a sense of justice and greatness of soul. It also gives tenacity and perseverance in following their projects.

EMERALD This splendid stone encourages respect for all forms of life and for all creation, living with more love. It has a strong effect on the deepest emotions, feelings like compassion, hope, loyalty, reassurance, kindness, benevolence, goodness and unconditional love are connected to a form of cosmic and spiritual love, which embraces every living being. The use of emerald also occurs to relieve stress, improve memory and facilitate understanding. Furthermore, it can stimulate economic abundance.

The color BLUE: is a symbol of communication through creativity. Color emblem of loyalty and idealism, it conveys a sense of calmness. It therefore helps, both in meditation and in extroversion. It also stimulates sleep and promotes diplomatic relations. Who loves the blue is led to have a harmonious behavior towards the environment and the people who surround it. Although he is never fully satisfied with the world in which he lives, he has full confidence in his abilities and finds full satisfaction in artistic and psychic expression. Able to forge very deep ties with the people he loves, he gets involved very frequently in the psychic sphere rather than in the physical sphere.

AQUAMAMINE: helps manage change in situations of pain and suffering, used to increase courage and improve communication with the Divine. It has strong properties that help to abandon the old emotional problems, which have remained anchored in the past. It can encourage abandonment of anger and stress reduction, pushing for positive changes. Helps get rid of old negative feelings or past that somehow imprisons us.

The BLUE: is the color of peace gives greater sensitivity by bringing the individual to be more vulnerable to any external "attacks". They are individuals who make their ideals their winning weapon so as to obtain a certain stability also due to attachment to traditions. In general, the person who loves the color Blue escapes from excessively chaotic situations and environments. This color has the power to stabilize the heart rate and keep the pressure under control. All of this produces distension for the body and tends to remove the sense of anxiety.

SAPPHIRE in all its nuances is a stone of wisdom, royalty, prophecy and Divine favor. Often used as a talisman, the crystal has always been chosen to preserve purity, to discover fraud and betrayal, to protect the wearer brings order and healing for the mind, giving strength and attention, as well as the ability to see beyond surface appearances , using a more in-depth knowledge helps to materialize the goals you have set yourself

The VIOLET: symbolizes the attitude to identify with one’s neighbor. It stimulates the desire to have a bond, both physical and emotional, very intense with the loved one. This color also increases the creative capacity and imagination by inhibiting, on the other hand, the excess of rationality. It has the ability to make the person seductive, those who love the Violet color are pervaded by a strong desire to be accepted and to please the people around them. It usually denotes a predisposition to be apprehensive and awkward but also wishes to be understood and to use gentle ways.

L’ AMETISTA: usata per allontanare gli incubi notturni e per coadiuvare il cambiamento intesto come miglioramento del sé più profondo. Gli antichi greci usavano l’ametista per decorare i bicchieri destinati al consumo dell’alcol, lo facevano con la convinzione che tale pietra avrebbe impedito un’intossicazione da alcol e avrebbe mantenuto la sobrietà, nella mitologia infatti, Ametista era una ninfa dei boschi che aveva catturato, suo malgrado, le attenzioni di Bacco, il Dio del vino. Ametista, per sfuggire allo sgradito corteggiamento, si rivolse a Diana, dea della caccia e protettrice dei boschi che trasformò Ametista in un limpido cristallo dalla purezza indiscussa. Adirato, Bacco, lanciò una coppa di vino sul cristallo conferendogli il colore violaceo che oggi conosciamo. 

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